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Upcoming Books

Parenting with an Attitude! Back to the Basics
This book is a must read for all parents or guardians who want to establish the basic foundation family members need to have children to develop into healthy, happy and successful adults. Today's parent can no longer leave this job up to schools, media, or society. The risk of unhealthy influence is too great. You will learn a simple system composed of seven processes that will allow your children to develop the perceptions and social and emotional skills they will need to be responsible and self-reliant youth and adults.
This book provides the foundation every family needs for healthy functioning in today's world.

How to Influence Your Child's Peers
It is often said that, peers are the greatest influence on our kids. In my travels through out the United States I have talked to thousand of parents who have been confronted with issues of peer influence and actions of their children. Everything from disrespect to drug use and violence has been laid at the doorstep of peer influence. More often than not I have heard parents tell me that "their child was not raised that way and their actions were the direct result of the influence peers had over them". I BELIEVE THEM!

It is time for parents and guardians to develop an attitude that they will no longer allow their child to become a victim of negative and destructive peer groups. This book will address the issues of peer groups and how parents can passively and actively affect the peers groups their children associate with.

The truth is, the peer groups that your children align themselves with in their middle and high school years will directly affect the rest of their lives.

I welcome any comments, thoughts, ideas or questions you have on this topic. I am most interested in stories that you have experienced in your own lives.

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The Joy of Raising Kids (Raising Kids - Success Stories)
We live in a world that is moving faster by the day. A world that has so many choices that we often lose track of who we are and what we really want. A world that is full of negative influences that are affecting us and our children. A world where parents are doing the best job they can to raise children to be happy, healthy and successful children now and in the future.

This book is about what parents are doing right. It is about our successes, our miracles, and what works. It is about the every day little things that we do as parents that are working. This book is about giving parents hope, inspiration, skills, and positive methods to help us raise our own kids.

I need your help with this book. I need your success stories; I need to know what you are doing in your family and with your children that is working for you. It does not have to be a tragic story with a miracle ending. We see that all the time on the media.

Parents need to read about the everyday family and what little things they are doing to deal with the everyday problems we all face as parents. No story is too small or insignificant to be told. I would like your permission to use your story in this book, with credits or not, to inspire and help others.

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