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Power, Control & Trust - Spiral Bound Paperback

Power and Control Book

This 100 page book provides a straightforward approach to developing a relationship of trust and respect between teens and adults. The book leads the reader through a series of exercises designed to teach five skills of effective communication, showing teens that getting what you want is not about controlling others, it's about controlling yourself.

While written for teens, the book is an excellent resource for parents or teachers who want to encourage self-reliance and improve communication with their children or students.





Everything Parents Need To Know About Kids' Drug Use... But Are Afraid To Ask - Paperback

Kids and Drugs Book

Our children have a 50 / 50 chance of using drugs. Some will become addicted to drugs and some will die. Wealth, social status, popularity, small town living and even high intelligence can not protect your child from drugs.

Times have changed and so has drug usage.
You are the best defense your child has when it comes to decreasing your child's risk of using drugs.

Are you going to leave your child's future in the hands of their peers and the environment?

This book is a short, quick and easy read. Buy it and read it!
You wish you had!
- Bill Dalton, parent of three teens

A simple, honest look at where youth are with drug use today.
Mr. Becker is dead on.
- 18 year old student-

A must read for every parent who thinks that drugs use will never happen to their child. There are no easy answers just awareness, good parenting, and professional help.
-A Parent of a child using drugs-





Everything Parents Need To Know About Kids' Drug Use... But Are Afraid To Ask
Live Seminar DVD

Kids and Drugs DVD

Filmed before a live parent audience this 90 minute DVD gives parents all the information they need to know about Kid's Drug use. This DVD focuses on a child's beginning drug use providing information you need to know to on how to detect early youth drug use and steps needed to take to stop it.

The unique DVD presentation looks at youth drug use from a parent's perspective addressing social and family dynamics that are usually overlooked in law enforcement or treatment presentations.

This DVD is a must for all parents who think their child will never use drugs and for parents who child is experimenting or evolved in casual drug usage.





Changes Through Empowerment -
Complete Series CD Set (9)

Change Through Empowerment CD Series

This 9 disk complete CD series encompasses everything a parent needs for new insight on how ro work with your children more effectively. Buy the bundle and save over $30





Changes Through Empowerment -
10 Commandments For Parents CD Set (2)

Commandments CD 01

If you need a quick easy to use CD to help you to develop a self-reliant and responsible child I encourage you to buy this CD. The ten topics covered will give you new insight on how to work with your children more effectively. Each topic contains information and skills you can use today with your children.

By using these tools you will allow your child the chance to develop the social and emotional skills they need for the real world. Let's put the joy back in parenting.

  • Put Your Relationship First And Your Child A Close Second
  • Structure, Structure, Structure
  • Set Limits And Consequences With Your Child
  • Always Follow Through
  • Create Opportunities for Your Child to become self-reliant and responsible
  • Stop Rescuing Your Child
  • Model, Model, Model
  • Dialogue Often With Your Child
  • Respect Every Child
  • Use Shame, Blame and Guilt Sparing





Changes Through Empowerment -
Respect & Motivation

Respect and Motivation CD

The most common complaint from parents is not feeling respected in their own home. The most common complaint of teens is not feeling respected by their parents. If respect is an issue in your family this CD is for you. In this CD you will learn how to structure your family for respect. You will learn the three most common types of respect and three easy ways to foster respect in yourself and your children.


How do you motivate your children to live up to their potential? Parents are seeing a growing problem of lack of motivation in their children. It is becoming increasing common in our schools, home, sports, and other activities. Our children are getting lazy, uninspired, or burned out.
Motivation is a function of three basic perceptions and mental process of the non-conscious mind. In this CD we will learn how to improve motivation by building on your child's basic perceptions of capability, significance and influence and recondition the non-conscious mind.





Changes Through Empowerment -
Allowances & Chores

Allowances and Chores

In this CD you will learn an easy and productive method of structuring chores in your home to create a sense of value, responsibility, fairness, follow through and fewer power struggles. Learn five easy to use methods to make the chores run smoothly at your house.
If you're tired of your children always asking you for money or believe that it is time for your child to learn money management this CD on allowance is for you.





Changes Through Empowerment -
Entitlements & Privileges

Entitlements and Privileges

Do you spoil your child? Do your children expect you and others to give them things without earning them?
We live in a culture where kids spend over 80 billion dollars a year on goods and services using an average disposable income is $80 per month. Advertisers, parents, peers and social norms send message to kids that they should have any and everything they want because they deserve it. We have generations of unfulfilled adults and kids who are trying to find happiness and significance in materialism.

This CD will help you to establish the structure for your child to earn the privileges, develop an respectful attitude and work ethic that result in happiness and fulfillment.
This CD should be combined with the CD's on Power Struggles, Structure and Chores/ Allowance.





Changes Through Empowerment -
Power Struggles

Power Struggles CD

Are you constantly involved in power struggles with your children? Do you find yourself giving in or giving up because of the continuous hassles? This CD will teach you how to stay out of power struggles and have your children doing the things you ask them to do. You will learn how to say "no" without arguments and how to teach your children to make healthy choices.

Sound too good to be true? Get this CD because this works!
This CD should be combined with the CD's on Power Struggles, Structure and Chores/ Allowance.





Changes Through Empowerment -
Quiet Time For Kids & Adults Part 1 & 2

Quiet Time CD

Have you noticed how kids don't talk much with adults? Did you know that the average child dialogues with an adult less than 90 minutes a week! Most kids don't talk with adults because they don't know how and don't get enough practice. Learn how to set aside the time and conditions that allow real dialogue to take place in your family. If you don't create the time it will not happen. Dialogue is one of the four crucial components to healthy relationships. Learn Fred's five rules for increasing dialogue with your kids.

This step-by-step method shows you how to create quite time in your household and how to overcome potential roadblocks. Included is a section for your child to listen to, allowing them to understand why this is important to them.





Changes Through Empowerment -

Structure CD

The most important thing you can do for your child is provide healthy structure. It is the single most important basic your child needs to feel safe, be happy and function at a high performance level. Most households contain limited structure that slowly erodes as family's become busy and the children grow older.

Limited or over structure results in unclear expectations, power struggles, unfulfilled promises, and organized chaos. Learn how to set healthy structure I your home and make the family run smoothly and efficiently. If you are working harder to hold your family together only to find an increase in problems than this CD is for you.

Without structure you have chaos……..and working in chaos only leads to more chaos.





Changes Through Empowerment -
Emotions & Behavior

Emotions and Behavior

Over 85% of our actions are controlled by our emotions. Our emotions often get us in trouble by acting without thinking. Children being highly emotional and impulsive continuingly allow their feeling to dictate most of their actions.

In this CD you will learn how emotions work and how you and your children can develop skills to recognize and control positive and negative emotions. Also included are skills for controlling your anger and helping your children to control theirs.

What you model to your children they will model back to you.