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Becker Institute Programs For Business


Develop Self-Reliant and Responsible Employees

Training: Total of 8 hours (can be a full day or four 2-hour sessions)

This workshop series provides employers, managers, and employees with the philosophies, skills, planning, and practice needed to encourage development of on-the-job responsibility and self-reliance. This up-to-date, research-based, interactive training will challenge the way you work with others.

Managers will learn how to:
" Foster growth of life-long positive social and emotional skills in their employees
" Guide employees to be responsible and self-reliant without creating power struggles or micro-managing
" Create an emotionally safe work climate where their employees have a sense of significance, capability, and influence
" Cut their supervision workload in half and increase productivity
" Employees will learn how to be responsible, solve problems, and stay on task.


What Every Manager Should Know About Drugs in the Workplace

Training: Four 1-hour sessions

An estimated 6.5 percent of full-time and 8.6 percent of part time workers are illicit drug users. The cost to business is staggering, resulting in loss of productivity, increased injury, theft, and increased workers compensation and insurance premiums. Most companies say they have a drug-free work place, but do little to protect their assets.

Managers will learn: how to recognize substance abuse issues before they become costly, life skills strategies to help employees make better choices, and outside resources to help their employees.

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