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Becker Institute Workshops

The Becker Institute offers a wide variety of workshops, presentations and learning tools designed to empower families, educators, and businesses to enhance relationships and improve outcomes.

Workshops and presentations range from 60 minutes, to 8-hours, or may be scheduled as a series of presentations spread over several weeks. Scheduling and format can be adjusted to accommodate the needs of the school or business. Small group workshops for parents or adolescents can also be arranged.

Most workshops are scheduled within the Southwestern United states, with a concentration in Southern California. Presentations in other locales can be arranged. Unless otherwise indicated, all workshops and presentations are presented by institute director, Fred Becker, who has over thirty years experience as a no-nonsense educator, and a reputation as a dynamic workshop leader and facilitator.

Workshop fees for school-based programs may qualify for assistance.
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Other Educational Consulting Services

Becker Institute additionally provides consultation to school districts in the following areas:

Developing a Safe School Climate

Safe School Plan Development

Developing a Comprehensive Drug Prevention / Intervention Program Assessment and Evaluation

Developing a Comprehensive Violence Prevention / Intervention Program Assessments and Evaluation

Developing a Comprehensive Life Skills Program Addressing Risk and Protective Factors

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