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Parenting 101: Get Into a Parenting Class

If it were only possible! Wouldn't it be just great if you could rewind your life tape, be a parent once again, and correct errors you now realize you made? Unfortunately, you only get to rear your kids once – and you have to learn all you need to learn on the fly. Because when it comes to raising kids, everyone is a first-time parent.

If at birth, kids arrived with labels and manuals it would save parents a lot of time and pain. But life is not like that. Being a parent, and dealing with kids as an inexperienced one is part of the spice of life. There really is no way to practice, and parenthood doesn't come with a script.

Fortunately, people can learn from some of the wisest teachers around, their own parents. There is much that can be learned, especially when you consider that your own parents have learned a lot from their own hits and misses. This kind of knowledge – the first hand kind from parents – plus the inimitable research prowess of scientists have made the body of knowledge revolving around parenting quite extensive, and interesting.

Today, this body of knowledge has given birth to parenting classes. These parenting classes aim to help parents – first time ones or not – to understand themselves better. This is one of the first steps towards becoming a better parent.

Parenting classes also teach parents about the nuances and mysteries surrounding parenthood. If the parent is able to understand himself or herself a little better, and is able to understand how kids think, then the avenues open for a better parenting experience.

If you are considering attending parenting classes there are a few things for you to note:

1. Where To Find Them – Parenting classes can be found pretty much anywhere. The most common institutions that offer these classes are hospitals, churches and temples, community centers, and other social organizations and support groups.

You can look through newspapers, directories, and other listings to find the location of these classes. Local municipal offices usually have a list of where these classes are held. Local hospitals and churches are also usually aware of locations for these classes.

The Internet is another great place to find parenting classes. There are even online parenting classes available. However, actual classes are, as of now, considered more effective than online ones.

2. How Much Do They Cost – Some organizations offer free parenting classes. However, some of these classes are limited engagement classes and do not offer regular on-going advice and counseling. There are some that offer classes for rates as low $10 to $20, while others may be a lot pricier, but they all depend on your situation and preferences.

Parenting classes usually encourage their members to purchase additional material such as instructional tapes, books, and other materials. These additional materials are worth the investment as they will add significantly to your learning experience.

3. Why Should You Take a Parenting Class? - A parenting class is not only those that have parenting problems. All parents are encouraged to join one, as long as they have the desire to be better parents, and to have a better understanding of their children.

Parenting classes provide a great opportunity to learn different approaches to parenting. Should you have the opportunity to join these classes - do it! You can only gain from the experience.

by Carl DiNello -

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